Back to Basics

During my journey to go CG (follow the Curly Girl method), I came across a lot of information about the cosmetics and beauty products that we use, not to mention regular household cleaning products, that contain harmful chemicals and really aggravate the problems we are trying to fix in the first place, leading us to buy more product. It seems to be a vicious cycle that accomplishes several things: gets some other guy rich, poisons our bodies with chemicals, and gives us a false sense of hope that we too can be as beautiful and alluring as the women who claim to use the products. It has been one of my goals over the past few months, to try to switch, as much as possible, to natural alternatives to all those products.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to scold anyone for using beauty products. I am a recovering product junkie. I used to have a closet full of lotions, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, face creams, face washes, body washes, and don’t even get me started on makeup. One day, I looked at all of it and decided it had to go. So I gave some of it away, sold some unopened bottles at a yard sale, and just threw some of it away. Now, before you judge me for passing my poison on to others, allow me to explain that this happened before I started my research on natural alternatives. By the way, if you’d like to find out which poisons are lurking in your products, check out this site.

On, I came across a thread, by Jess the Mess, that outlined her skin care routine. It used all natural ingredients and stuff that can be found in most people’s pantry. Always ready to try something new, especially if it’s natural, I decided to give it a try…and it became my routine as well. My skin has never been clearer and I feel really good about using natural ingredients…it’s very inexpensive too! Here’s what you need:

Oatmeal, Powdered Goat’s Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey

Ok, so who would have thought that I could put all this stuff on my face and it would work wonders? Well, it makes sense if you think about it. Women didn’t always have alpha-hydroxy acids and retinols to rely on, and we aren’t the first to be concerned about beauty. So this routine has roots in ancient times. The original routine comes from a book called Beauty Secrets of the Bible, which Jess mentions in her thread. Essentially, there are 3 steps:

1. Oatmeal and Goat’s Milk Scrub – blend equal parts of the oatmeal and dry goat’s milk (I get mine at Wegman’s) in a blender (I use a coffee grinder). Put a small amount of the powder in the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of warm water and work it into a paste. Massage the paste onto your skin and rinse. I do this once a day, usually in the morning. Sometimes I will leave it on my skin and allow it to dry like a masque. The oatmeal acts as an exfoliant and the goat’s milk provides moisture. At night, I need something that lathers to remove my makeup, so I use something gentle and natural like olive oil soap or goat’s milk soap.

2. Honey Tonic – All you need here is honey. While my face is still wet, I put 1-2 drops of honey on dry fingertips and lightly massage it onto my skin. Make sure your face is still wet and the honey won’t feel sticky at all. Don’t rinse it off. You might have to experiment a little to get the correct amount. If you get too much, your face will feel a bit sticky and heavy when it dries.

3. Olive Oil Moisturizer – Your skin should still be a little damp at this point. Put 2-3 drops of extra virgin olive oil on your palm. Rub your hands together to distribute the oil, then lightly pat it onto your skin. Give it a few minutes to dry and soak in before you apply makeup.

That’s it!! Once I realized how much I loved this stuff, I needed to make it easy to store and tote around so I ordered some containers from Specialty Bottle and created this little kit:

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