So, I was thinking that if I reach my weight loss goal, I am going to treat myself to a brand new bikini for my trip to Florida. That’s right, a bikini, something I haven’t worn in at least 5 years. I still haven’t quite figured out what my weight loss goal is. Ideally, I would like to lose about 25 pounds I guess, but like I said before, it’s not really about a number for me. The determining factor will be whether or not I am comfortable enough to wear a bikini. So I went searching around and found one that I like. The plan is going well, by the way. I have been doing my workouts and really watching my portions. The scale has already dropped a bit, but I am not getting too excited about it because my initial weigh-in took place directly following a weekend of picnics and other bingeing opportunities, so my weight was a bit higher than the norm. I’m thinking maybe I should set this photo as my desktop background or print it out and hang it on the fridge. Maybe I should carry a copy around with me and flash it at Michael whenever he tries to fill my wine glass.

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