Here I Sit With Food on My Head

So, I have just been going crazy the past few days searching the web for some solutions to my itchy, dry scalp. I am so frustrated and I don’t understand why I am having this issue. I really thought that once I went CG, that this problem would go away, but it hasn’t. I don’t think I have dandruff. I think that most people who think they have dandruff really just have dry, itchy scalp. Dandruff is a completely different monster. The problem arises daily. I wash my hair in the morning and by afternoon, I am itchy. It seems the only thing that temporarily soothes my itchiness is to wash my hair again. When I say wash, I don’t necessarily mean that I use shampoo all the time. The CG method of hair care doesn’t use shampoo with sulfates in it, because it dries the hair. Sometimes I use a conditioner to wash, sometimes I just vigorously scrub my scalp with water and my fingertips, sometimes I use a tea tree, low-poo, but nothing seems to help.

So, after reading about the differences between dandruff and dry scalp, I started thinking that I just need more moisture. After all, my face gets dry and flaky if I don’t moisturize daily, so maybe this is what my scalp needs too. So I tried olive oil. I massaged it into my scalp, wrapped my head in a towel and left it on overnight. The next morning I washed it out. No change. I am starting to think that I am going to just have to go 100% natural, which is daunting for me because the products are often expensive and hard to find. But maybe I am just having an allergic reaction to all the added chemicals and fillers in my conditioner and hair gel and natural is the way to go. I can give up the hair gel. I don’t know why, but I bought some at the store about a week ago, and now I am worried about buildup and a possible chemical reaction. I will switch back to flax seed gel. Fine. I like it, so it’s not a big deal. I just have no idea how I am going to find a conditioner that will work. I can’t afford to go out buy a million different kinds to test them out and hope one eventually works.

Last night I started looking at recipes again. So this morning I cooked up a new batch of flax seed gel and now here I sit with a deep treatment on my head which I made out of a banana, coconut milk, yogurt, honey, and olive oil. I am hoping the treatment will add some moisture to both my hair and my scalp. I massaged it into my scalp and saturated my hair with it. I guess we’ll see how it turns out. I just wish I could figure this out. It’s so frustrating!

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