A Day With the Boys

This weekend I went to my home town to visit my sister, Jessica, and her family. Jess had some errands to run so I volunteered to watch my nephews while she and her hubby, Mike, went out to have some time to themselves. Prior to my visit, Noah and I had talked about going sledding or maybe to a new fun place called Bounce, that basically consists of wall to wall trampolines and looked like an ER visit waiting to happen. Well, the plans had to change a bit since we took Simon along for the ride, so we opted for Playland at McDonald’s and to a local park. I was really itching to get some shots of the boys with my new camera.

Playland was well, Playland. What else can you say about McDonald’s? Though I do have to comment that I think the stuff they had at Playland when we were kids was way cooler than the stuff they have now. But what do I know? Anyway, Simon had a great time rolling back and forth over this blue roller thingy (well, what would YOU call it?), each time landing on his face and loving it.

Noah was such a big help, corralling Simon when I needed to pay for our food, helping me to get some cute shots of the two of them, and advising me to carry Simon across the parking lot instead of letting him walk “because it was busy and there were a lot of cars.”
After we left the golden arches, we headed off to a local park so the boys could play in the snow for a bit and Aunt Carrie could use her new Nikon a bit more. Noah was off and running as soon as we got there and I helped Simon trudge across the snow to get to the fun stuff.
Again, Noah was a big help, guiding Simon across the icy patches,

helping him down the slide,

and showing him “the ropes.”

We didn’t stay long because it was pretty cold and Simon’s gloves kept falling off and he kept falling down on his hands in the snow, but he didn’t want to leave when it was time to go.

Back at the house, I gave Noah a chance to play with my camera for a little while. He was so serious, holding it just how I showed him to, and taking pictures of everything in the house. He even managed to snap this pic of me and Simon.

*Sigh* My visits with them always seem to end too soon.

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