Dear John

Our latest book club read was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and I have to admit that I didn’t think I would like it. I am not usually a fan of idealistic, romancy-type books and I had never read anything by this author. Overall, I have to say that it wasn’t bad. It certainly did spark a lot of good conversation at our meeting last week. I think because the story was so contemporary and mainly focused on the relationship between the main characters, it seemed more like we were gossiping about a friend than talking about a book. Everyone had an opinion about how the book should have ended and whether or not the main characters should have ended up together. Oh, and our group is growing! What started as 3 has turned into 7!

Without giving away too much of the story, I will try to summarize. John is on leave from the army for two weeks when he meets Savannah, an innocent, caring type who sees the world through rose colored glasses. She is in his town with a Habitat for Humanity group and they are building a house there. The two spend most of their time together during those two weeks and fall deeply in love (or as much in love as two people can fall in two weeks). Savannah even meets John’s quiet and socially awkward father and tries to help John understand some of his father’s frustrating behavior. When the time comes for John to leave, the two promise to write and that they will be together when he returns, but then 9/11 happens and John decides to re-enlist, which takes a huge toll on their relationship. It’s difficult to go into too much detail about the characters or events of the story without giving it away, because I found it to be pretty predictable.

If you like romance, you will probably like this book, though the ending may disappoint. Overall, it was an easy read and kept me engaged throughout, but I think I will spare myself on the movie. That being said, I am pretty grateful for the light read because I am about to sink my teeth into our new book, Michelle’s choice, Ireland by Frank Delaney. It’s a 600 pager, so I’d better get crackin’.

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