Our Growing Family

Like he’s done so many times before, yesterday Michael suggested we go adopt a cat. For the first time, I said, “Sure, yeah, let’s do it.” So, off we went to the SPCA. I think we both sort of had ideas about what kind of cat we wanted. We both like black cats, but agreed that personality was the most important feature. Michael didn’t want to contend with long hair. I wanted a male. Once they are neutered, they seem to be more mellow than females. We didn’t want a kitten, but still wanted a pretty young cat. Michael claimed dibs on naming the thing pretty early on.

Once we got inside the adoption center, it was sooooo hard to choose. They had so many beautiful cats. I was instantly drawn to a long-haired female that reminded me of two cats my grandparents used to have, Missy and Frisky. She was a sweetie too, but kind of went against all our criteria. Michael, of course, was immediately drawn to an all-black female. She was very pretty, but not very used to people and hadn’t yet been spayed. Michael held her for awhile and we looked at several other cats. It became very clear that this was going to be a tough decision. The SPCA worker suggested several different cats and kept taking out different ones to show to us. I really liked a 5 month old gray and white male and Michael was still clinging onto the black female. I was starting to think, How in the world are we ever going to choose? Then, as if reading my mind, the worker made the simplest suggestion and yet it totally caught me by surprise. She said, “Why don’t you take them both?” What surprised me even more is that my immediate thought reaction was not, Oh my God, no way! It was YES! What a great idea!

So, we decided to put the two cats together to see how they would get along with one another. Mr. Gray-and-White was fine, but little Miss Black was NOT happy. She hid under a bench and growled at anything that came near her. I had a cat in the past that did this with my brother’s dog, but once they got used to each other, he was fine. Still, little Miss Black just didn’t seem like a good fit. The SPCA worker brought out a few other cats, in particular, an orange female, who was pretty friendly and got along well with Mr. Gray-and-White. Ordinarily, I am not a fan of orange cats, but this female was very sweet and her coloring was a little bit different. Think gingerbread orange and not carrot orange. The best news was, they were both already fixed.

We decided to go for it and brought them both home. Then we had to make a trip to the store to buy all the necessary accessories, food, litter, a litter box, food dishes, toys, etc. For several hours we tossed around different ideas for names. We started out trying to think of famous couples (Sampson and Delilah, Napoleon and Josephine, Leo and Mona, as in DaVinci and Lisa, were a few that crossed our mind) but nothing seemed to really stick. Then Michael stumbled across Loki for the male. Loki was the Norse god of mischief. We both really liked it and it fit him to a tee. Naming the female was a bit harder. I finally settled on Vita. In Italian it means “life” but actually, I have loved this name ever since my days working in Americorps. I worked with several Russian families and one of the families had an adorable and sweet little red-haired girl named Vita. So, Loki and Vita are the newest additions to our little family. They seem to be getting along pretty well and are slowly getting used to their new surroundings. Vita was at the shelter a lot longer than Loki, so I think it is going to take her a little longer to adjust. Getting pictures has been somewhat of a struggle because they are not really used to us yet and tend to take off running when we try to get too close. Here’s Loki:

And here’s Vita:

One thought on “Our Growing Family

  1. Loki is gorgeous! My kids will be very jealous of the cats. Tim is allergic to them so unless he endures 3 years of allergy shots, I don't see a cat in our future. Unless of course, we can get some farm land and then we'll have outdoor cats.Congrats to your growing family!

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