A Reliable Wife

Our last book club pick was Vicki’s and we read A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolick. I really wasn’t sure about this one at first because it got mixed reviews. I always check out the reviews on amazon.com. It’s a very dark story about some really dysfunctional people. It takes place in the early 1900s in Wisconsin and also in St. Louis. Ralph puts an ad in a Chicago paper looking for “A reliable wife, compelled by practical not romantic reasons.” Catherine is the woman he chooses, but she has much bigger plans than to just settle down and be his wife. Little does she know that Ralph has plans of his own.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad book. There were a few parts where I felt that the author went on and on for far too long about the setting, the rich furnishings, and clothing of the characters. I also wasn’t very impressed with the ending of the book. It just didn’t seem to fit the rest of the story.

I have to apologize for my crappy book review. I just haven’t been inspired to write lately, so I sat myself down and forced myself to at least do a book club post, and well, this is all you get. I guess better than last month, since I didn’t write a review at all for Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart. It was my turn again to choose the next book so now we are reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith

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