Another Man’s Trash…

Lately, Mike and I have been stumbling upon little treasures for our house. (Glee! Only one more month until it’s officially “our” house!) We are regulars at the local thrift shops and we usually come home with something, but lately we’ve been finding free stuff, courtesy of our neighbor. Several weeks ago, as we were driving home after a shopping trip, we spotted this in the neighbor’s front yard with a “FREE” sign on it.

It’s perfect on our patio. It’s old and it has layers and layers of cracking paint and I love it. The beauty is that it’s also functional. Fold up the sides, throw on a tablecloth, and it becomes a dinner table.

A few weeks later, Michael stumbled across this old cabinet. I’m pretty sure it housed a phonograph at one time. We had been looking for something to put in this little corner of our dining room and this is perfect. It’s not in the best shape. There are a few scratches on it, but I suppose if I get ambitious someday I could sand it down and refinish it.

In case you were wondering, this one is functional too. It has become a little mini-bar with the liquors stored in the top (Mike has been collecting those fancy bottles too)…

…and glasses stored in the bottom.

I’m sure our neighbor probably thinks we’re crazy for running across the street and taking all her crap…I wonder what she’ll put out next?

2 thoughts on “Another Man’s Trash…

  1. Hey man! Share the wealth! I saw that table outside your house & commented on it to Edward – I LOVE IT. And I saw the "mini-bar" outside the other day with the free sign on it, but I decided against it… I'm jealous!

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