Fading Summer Days

Oh, what a weird, wild ride this summer has been! I don’t think I have ever seen a summer fly by so quickly. I’m hoping things are finally going to settle down a bit. The wedding has come and passed (I will be posting about it soon hopefully, when I get my pics back from the photographer). I’ve started in a new position at work and I’m working on a new college course. My Early Childhood certification should be completed in the Spring. Michael and I are settling into living together and married life. I’ve had to prune back a few things to save my sanity! The book club was the first to get cut. As much as I love reading (and my book club friends) I just found myself struggling to finish the books on time. I’ll still be doing plenty of reading this Fall, but it will be Early Childhood textbooks and Bible study books for the two small groups I’ll be participating in over the next several months. I will continue to be really busy into the Fall. Fall!!! I love it…my favorite time of year. Finally, the cooler weather is upon us. I hope it stays for awhile. I am looking forward to breaking out the sweaters and scarves. Michael is all hooked up with his Sunday ticket and football season is underway. We’ve got some events and road trips planned, our wedding reception at the end of the month, Mike’s mother coming to visit, some other friend and family activities, and the holidays just around the corner.

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