Falling Back

I love this time of year. It’s that quiet time when the holidays are approaching, but it’s early enough to hear complaints about Christmas decorations in the stores. Everyone is hunkering down and getting ready for the long, cold months ahead.

There is a stillness and quiet as life just seems to be suspended in time, if only for a few moments, before the holiday rush begins. “Spring ahead, Fall back” the times are changing, the first threat of snow has been announced on the radio, and icy crystals cover the fallen leaves.

The sweaters and blankets have been liberated from their summer hiding place and I’m scouring cookbooks and blogs for new comforting recipes for soups and stews and breads. Today I will try my hand at pork and pumpkin chili and tonight the house will glow with warm firelight.

November is upon us…enjoy these final days of Fall everyone!

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