Is it too soon to be longing for summer? I don’t know but I am already and it is so unlike me. Normally, I’m ok with winter. I love the change of seasons and heaven knows I hate the sticky, sweaty dog days of summer. I tend not to get the summertime itch until about mid-February to early March, when winter has had plenty of time to darken my days and beat down my spirit. But never this soon. Maybe it has something to do with the $500 a month heating bill. It could be the lack of any real snowfall (2-3 inches doesn’t count!) Or maybe it’s just that I’m not feeling it this year. It finally hit me when I took the dog out the other morning (Did I mention we got a dog? More about that later.) and I noticed the flowerpot graveyard, covered with snow, and I figured it out.

I’m blaming my patio. Every time I have to venture out there to let Moxie do her business, I pass by the gray and snow-covered remnants of our lovely summer on the patio. We LIVED out there this summer and I miss it. So, I decided to reminisce about warmer, greener days passed. I miss dinners outside…

my potted herbs…

chilly, dripping popsicles…

birthday celebrations…

game nights…

and late nights of drinks by candle light.

And all this reminiscing has got me thinking about some things I’d like to do with the patio this summer…add a few more thrift shop pieces, string up some lights, expand my variety of herbs, oohhh, maybe an outdoor rug, and some other interesting pieces. After all, we spend almost all our free time out there. I got an ice cream maker for Christmas (thanks Jamie and Ronny!), so there will definitely be ice cream parties, and steaks on the grill, iced-tea afternoons with good conversations, and cocktails after the sun goes down.

But outside my window, the snow is falling and there are walks to be shoveled, and Moxie and I will trample a path through the snow on the patio every morning, dreaming of summer.

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