Meet Moxie

Little Miss Moxie is the newest addition to our happy family. We picked her up almost 3 weeks ago at the SPCA. Michael has been bugging me to get a dog ever since we got the cats. I protested for a long time. We travel a lot and the cats are low maintenance. We can leave them for a day or two and they are fine. Not so with a dog. So, Mike would bring it up every so often and each time I would give him the same exact reasons not to get a dog…until a few weeks ago. The SPCA posted some photos on facebook of animals up for adoption and I spotted a beautiful dog. So, after thinking about it for a week or two, we decided to go and have a look. We were told right away that the dog from the photo wouldn’t be good with our cats. So, we decided to look at the other dogs. I always hate to walk the length of the dog kennels. They all start barking and the noise echos through the room and I can just feel the anxiety as soon as I walk through the door. I glanced at the dogs as I passed and spotted the dog from the photo in the very last kennel. She lunged toward us and barked fiercely. I knew that she wasn’t for us right away and by this time, my own anxiety level was mounting so I needed to get out of there as soon as possible. On my way out, I spotted a little black dog with tan markings. She barked at me a little, but nothing over the top. I pointed her out to Mike and made my way for the door.

The ladies at the shelter brought her out to see us. She was so happy and playful. We liked her right away, but I still felt like I needed time to think about it. I knew that bringing a dog home would be a huge commitment and I didn’t want to get her on a whim or feel pressured to do so. At the same time, I knew we would be going back to get her the next day. And we did. And we didn’t have to pay a cent for her, because someone had donated angel adoptions for the holidays. Mike brought her home with a collar and leash and a pet store gift certificate.

We seriously couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She is housebroken, she can be left loose in the house when we aren’t there, and she hasn’t chewed a single thing. She doesn’t bother with the cats, though they seem to be a little annoyed by her presence.

The only thing we have to work on with her is jumping up on us, especially me. She gets really excited when I come home, or wake up in the morning, or when I’m getting ready to take her out. And she is so jealous! Vita used to sit on my lap all the time, but now when she tries to, Moxie is right there, scaring her away.

Of course, already Mike is trying to convince me that we need to get a puppy for her to play with. But I am standing my ground on this one. She has playdates with my sister’s puppy, Leeyah, and they wear each other out. No more pets for us. Our little family is complete…for now.

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