Questions I Ask Myself

Why in the world is anyone still watching American Idol?

What happened to half the actresses I grew up watching? I don’t recognize these people anymore! I mean, age gracefully already! The trout mouth and cheek implants aren’t doing it. You’re not fooling anyone.

Why do men seem to think the best place to read is in the bathroom? When I really, really have to pee?

Oh, and I found this mortifying article about the dangers of reading on the toilet in my search for the perfect “reading on the john” pic.

Why does my phone always ring right after I get comfortable on the couch?

How can people NOT care about the state of our environment? We live in a bubble, people. Everything is connected to everything.

Why am I such a control freak? and a perfectionist? and a procrastinator? all at the same time?

Why does more sleep tend to make me more tired?

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