Sleep, or lack thereof

So, it’s 10 minutes til 5 am and I am wide awake…on a holiday weekend. And I’ve been wide awake since about 4, when I should be sleeping in or at least not waking up until the sun streams through my windows.

I have always been the type of person who could fall asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow and sleeping straight through the night with no interruption. I have always been a morning person, so waking up early is nothing new, but now I wake up 2-3 times a night and have a lot of trouble falling back to sleep. Maybe it’s just an overactive mind. This morning I dreamed that it was the day I’m supposed to get my ultrasound. (Now, in real life the mid-wife told me that I need to show up on time because the ultrasound technician will not see me if I am late.) So, in my dream, things kept coming up at work, and I couldn’t leave on time and I was late and really, really mad because I just want to see this little one already! So, I tried to fall back to sleep and almost made it a few times, but now here I am typing up a book because I have nothing better to do at 5 am.

I have found that napping during the day seems to keep me up more at night, so I’ve stopped napping for the most part, but yesterday I dozed off. Oops. I guess my body is just preparing me for all the sleepless nights ahead.

Ah well, I guess the blog needed a little update anyway. Before I got pregnant, I had these visions of being the type of person who, once pregnant, would blog everyday about every little twinge and milestone, posting pictures of my growing belly all along the way. Pffftt. That hasn’t happened yet. I have been terribly neglectful of everything that doesn’t involve sleeping on the couch or trying not to throw up. This past week has been much better though. I seem to be coming out of the nauseous 24/7 phase so praise God for that! My appetite is coming back and I am not appalled by the suggestion of food anymore, so I guess that’s step in the right direction.

In case you were wondering, like a lot of people are apparently, I am planning to continue eating primal/paleo throughout my pregnancy. I’ve taken a little bit of flack over it, but not too much. People are mainly just curious. I think a lot of people think that it’s a vanity thing, like I want to keep on losing weight while I’m pregnant or that I am overly worried about gaining. It’s not about that at all. I want to be the healthiest I can be while I am pregnant. I have had some cheats here and there, since a lot of the primal food that I really love has become aversive to me, but the nausea is subsiding and I am going back to eating the things I ate before.

On a completely different note, Michael and I are in the process of buying a house. We really like our place but we know that with the baby coming, we are going to need a lot more space. After all, my mom is already stockpiling baby items that she finds on clearance! After looking at several houses, we found one that has all the main things we were looking for (3 bedroom, 2 bath, lots of closet space) plus some other great things that are icing on the cake. We made an offer and the seller accepted, we had the home inspection, and now we’re just waiting on the financing. If all goes well, we should be able to close in mid-July. I swear I never do these things one at a time. I always have 2-3 major life changes happening at once. I got married, started a new job, got pregnant, and now we’re buying a house…all within a year. No wonder I’m having trouble sleeping!

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