Nursery Sneak Peek

I started painting the nursery today and I can’t wait to finish it!  However, my body just isn’t letting me work as long as I’d like to, so I quit for the day.  I managed to get a coat of primer on the entire room, and about half of the first coat of paint…and I am totally exhausted.  Here’s a little sneak peek of some things that I have so far for the room.  The color:

The color is a very pale yellow called Belgian Waffle.  I don’t know if I should eat it or put is on the walls!   For all you preggo police, it’s Olympic Premium, which is safe for the environment and no-VOC, which means it doesn’t have toxic fumes that are harmful for me or the baby.  Even still, I painted with both windows open and a fan on, despite this chilly day.

Here are a few things that will be on the walls.  A print of Starry Night that we bought awhile ago, a mirror that my friend, Emma from Fresh Look Furniture, refinished and distressed, and a beautiful, hand-embroidered alphabet sampler that my friend Bee made for me.  You can see that there is really no pink or purple here.  I’m sticking to shades of yellow and blue.  Emma is also working on a dresser/changing table for me and I have several other pieces that I am going to repaint.  With only 10 weeks to go, I am starting to get really excited!

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