To many people, 13 is an unlucky number.  To others, Friday the 13th is even unluckier.  But me, I laugh in the face of superstitions.  Ha!

Since I don’t believe in unlucky numbers, well, I’m not really a believer in lucky numbers either.  But I do think numbers can be interesting…and for some reason 13 has been an interesting number for us.

We got married on Friday the 13th, mainly because it was cheaper than getting married on Saturday, and of course because we thought it would be funny.

Yikes! This is from our chubbier, pre-Primal days.

Then last year, I found out I was pregnant on the 13th of April…a year ago today. 

My original due date was December 13th…but then the doctor changed it around 32 weeks.  I went into the hospital to be induced on the 12th.  We were really hoping for E to be born on the 13th.  While he was waiting around in the hospital, Michael even figured out that if E had been born on the 13th, she would celebrate her 13th birthday on Friday the 13th.  If we had started the induction process just a bit earlier, she might have been born on that day, but instead she made her appearance on the 14th…..  Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing, but you have to admit, that 13th birthday business would have been really cool!

So, here it is, Friday the 13th, and I’m celebrating one year since I got those positive pregnancy tests….and here’s my 4 month old bundle.  Isn’t she sweet (and silly)?

Happy 13th!!!

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