The Dollhouse

No, I’m not talking about a really crappy TV series on Fox.  I’m talking about an actual dollhouse.

I have a dollhouse.  I got it as a gift when I was 2 or 3 years old from my grandmother.  Someone she knew made it by hand and my mother even contributed wallpaper so that it could be completed to look like the house I lived in at the time.  My dollhouse has been through a lot over the years.  It suffered at the hands of my younger siblings and then spent many years hiding away in attics. It lived in my grandparent’s attic for many years when I lived in tiny apartments and had nowhere to store it. Even though it is now badly tattered and worn, I haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of it.  I’ve always had this dream of fixing it up and giving it to my own daughter.

Even when I began to give up on the idea of having children of my own, I kept it around.  I told myself I might have a niece one day…or maybe I’d just fix it up for myself and keep it on display.  It might have made a nice hobby for me in my later years.

But now that Evelyn is here, I have a purpose for it.  So, I brought it out of the attic today and I am going to start my planning.  I am going to take my time, so that it is ready for Evelyn when she is 5 years old or so.   I’ve been checking out online miniatures stores and wow…dollhouse furniture is really expensive.  But, like I said, time is on my side.  I’ve got plenty of time before she is old enough to really play with it, so where do I begin?  I’m thinking about starting with the roof, then giving it a paint job and adding flooring.  We’ll see how things go.  It will be fun to take pictures of the progress as I go…

For now, the state of my poor, neglected dollhouse:

 There used to be a balcony on the front.

 The wallpaper is oh-so-70s style, but for some reason, I like it.  And yet, I will probably paint over it.

 The staircase is missing too.

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