The Great Outdoors

We ventured into the great outdoors this weekend for a little family time and some rousing conversation.

Evelyn enjoyed her first camping trip

and the kiddos played games by firelight.

Morning in the woods


We took a drive up to Hyner View and the men spent some time on the hang glider launch.

Weiners and “smush smellows” over the fire.
We took Evelyn for her first dip in a real pool.  Unfortunately, the surrounding mountains and trees don’t allow the water to get very warm.  She was none too happy when we put her in the icy water.  Poor girl.

Ahhh…much better!

Bathing beauty

Time for a well-deserved nap
A little daddy-daughter time 

Chief cook and bottle washer

 Michael taught the boys how to skip stones in the creek.

 Evie survived her weekend with the boys…but she doesn’t look happy about it!

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