scenes from the weekend

Oh, the weekends are always too short!  We were busy this weekend.  My little sister and her boyfriend stopped by on Friday and we played some Settler’s of Catan.  Yes, I am a total geek.  Evelyn gave me quite a scare when she got startled by the cat and then cried so hard that she held her breath for way too long.  I eventually had to blow on her face to start her breathing again.  It scared the daylights out of me!

After my shower on Saturday morning, I came downstairs to this:

Ok, my child is playing with plastic storage containers.  The cool part about this is that I had just been talking to Michael about how I thought Evelyn was getting bored with her toys and was I considering buying her some new ones.  So, what did he do?  Yep, he raided the cupboards.  Seriously, why didn’t I think of this?  One of the missions of the education program I work for is to help parents understand that they don’t have to buy a lot of fancy toys to provide meaningful learning experiences for their children.  There are tons of activities you can do with everyday things that are lying around the house.  Case in point.  She spent at least 20 minutes exploring these containers.

Our Saturday afternoon and evening were spent with my Aunt and Uncle.  They were camping about 20 minutes from where we live and invited us to come and spend some time with them.

Despite the ominous clouds in the distance, the weather held out for the most part and we were even able to go for a swim.  I really thought that Evelyn would cry because the water wasn’t very warm, but she had a great time.

Michael had a little mishap and spilled a glass of red wine all over his shorts, an event that I’m sure my Uncle will never let him forget.  I really wish I had taken a picture!

Our Sunday was pretty typical…church, chores, and relaxing as much as possible.  I have a busy week ahead and honestly can’t wait for it to be over.  We have a family camping trip planned for next weekend, so I’m already looking ahead.

Tonight while I was looking through my camera’s memory card and saving some of the best pictures, I stumbled across some great ones that Michael had taken.  Just had to share 🙂

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