whole 30 results

The results are in!  Several months ago, I had some blood work done for insurance purposes.  At that time, I was eating mostly primal/paleo, but had been seriously cheating…on a regular basis.  My results weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great either.  They were bad enough to make my insurance rates higher than they could have been.  Then I completed the Whole 30 so that I could get back on track with my primal way of eating.  I knew I would be having blood work done again for a wellness program at work and I was really curious to see if a month of eating whole, unprocessed foods would make a big difference.  I have read tons of success stories from others who have improved their health by going primal, but I really wanted to see it first hand.  Even after all the research and reading I’ve done about primal and paleo eating, it still feels counter-intuitive to eat so much fat, even though I know in my head that fat is good.  I guess the food and drug companies have really done their job in convincing me that fat is the enemy.  The low-fat, whole grain myth has seeped into my brain and I’ve internalized it to the point that I sometimes still doubt myself, especially when it comes to my husband.  He has a family history of high blood pressure and cholesterol and I sometimes worry that maybe our choices aren’t healthy after all and what if his conditions get worse.

BUT…these numbers don’t lie and I feel very confident now that we are doing what’s best for our health.  So, here are the results:

Cholesterol:  July-205, October (after Whole 30)-189  Less than 200 is optimal.

Triglycerides:  July-69, October-67  Less than 150 is normal.

HDL (Good) Cholesterol:  July-86, October- 83  More than 60 is optimal.

LDL (Bad) Cholesterol:  July-105, October-93  Less than 100 is optimal.

I find it interesting that my blood glucose was around 60 back in July, which is considered low, and it was 80 in October, which is within the normal range.

So, what have I learned here?  Avoiding grains and sugar is good.  Fat is good.  Even with moderate cheating, eating a paleo diet most of the time is so much better than not at all, but my bad cholesterol and overall cholesterol levels were slightly above normal.  Eating paleo all the time is even better.  Those slightly high levels returned to normal after 30 days without grains, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, legumes, and alcohol.  No one will ever convince me again that a vegetarian diet or diet rich in whole grains and low in fat is healthy.

Do you think the Whole 30 is something you could try?  Which part would be most difficult for you?


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