a little bit of grown-up time

I’m feeling refreshed on this quiet Sunday.  My parents took Evelyn on Friday night, so Michael and I decided to spend our leisurely Saturday strolling around and shopping.  Before Evelyn (would it be wrong to refer to that time period as BE?) we used to spend one Saturday a month strolling the shops, sipping our coffee, eating out for lunch, and picking up little things we needed (or didn’t need) for around the house.  Now that we have an active toddler on our hands, it’s difficult to do much of anything before she’s shouting “all done!!”  which is her way of saying, “Thank you very much, but I’ve had enough of this stroller/cart/car seat, so unless you’re planning to let me run around and tear up the place, it’s time to go home.”  She does very much enjoy doing this:


She will stay with the cart and not wander around, but you can’t stop.  Must. keep. moving.  This makes it rather difficult to do any comparison shopping or to mull over your choices.  Michael told me he sometimes will circle the aisle with her several times so that he can look at an item for more than a few seconds…and yet her speed of travel is agonizingly slow.

Anyway, I’ve gone off track.  Or what was I talking about anyway?

Oh, so we got our tax refund and while we are planning to put most of it into savings, we have reserved a certain amount to purchase some things.  Momma needed some new clothes (that fit!) and we needed to get a few things for Evelyn too.  Mainly, a new car seat.  We ended up getting a jogging stroller for Michael and a few other odds and ends.

So, we had a sleeping in, coffee sippin’, leisurely strolling, one-bag toting, napping kind of day and we got to do our grocery shopping, just us grown-ups.  Ah, it’s the little things.  What do you miss about life before kids?  Do you give yourself time to do those things every once in awhile?

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