blogging flunkie (and where is spring?)

I’ve been seriously uninspired as far as blogging is concerned.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that Spring is taking its sweet time to arrive or if there’s just not much going on around here.  Work is kind of bringing me down lately and I’m anxious about what’s to come in the next few months.  Michael will be finishing his Master’s and looking for work.  We might have to find child care for Evelyn.  There’s just a lot of uncertainty in my world right now.  But, aside from really not being in the mood to write, things are okay ’round here.

We tried Playdough with Evelyn again.  I gave it to her a few months ago, but she didn’t like it.  In fact, she cried when we tried to get her to play with it.  So we tried it again and she had a lot  of fun with it.  I started following a blog called MamaOT and one of the posts suggested presenting the dough in little balls and showing her how to squish it and poke it.   It worked!!



We’ve been going to a new church for the past few weeks and the first time we went we ended up arriving way too early.  So, instead of going back home to kill time, we decided to take a walk by the river…


Evelyn wanted to climb the rocks.  She loooves rocks.  It was too funny when she tried to pick up some of these huge ones.


She also decided to blow her nose on every single one of her scarves and fabric scraps.  This kid makes me laugh every day.


I got my hands on this backpack carrier for around $30 at a local consignment shop.  Michael and I have been talking about the good old days when we used to go hiking all the time and whatever happened?!?!?  With this, we’ll be able to hit the trails again.  Time to dust off the hiking boots.


Hurry up, Spring!!

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