friday’s letters


Dear Evelyn, I’m so excited about the fact that you’re blossoming into such a sweet little lady.  You’re learning things at warp speed…I can hardly keep up!  You’re starting to learn 2-3 word phrases.  Some of my favorites right now are Thank you, Mommy/Daddy, Thank you much, Oh man! and All right! You’re curious about things and starting to ask questions like Who’s/what’s that?  I find myself watching you and wondering, where did she learn that?  You’re just like a little sponge.

Dear Geek Fairy, thank you for your awesome tutorial for adding social media buttons to my blog. Yay! I’ve been trying to figure this out forever!

Dear 36th Birthday, Bring it! I’m not afraid of you!

Dear 4th of July, you weren’t as cool as year’s past, but you had your good points. Mainly, my girl had a blast in the pool and visiting with family. We didn’t see a single firework this year. Boo!

Dear Body,  I’m so sorry for the abuse you’ve taken today.  I’m very well aware that the Chinese food and ice cream I ate today will haunt us long into tomorrow and perhaps beyond.  I promise to behave myself tomorrow.  Try not to be too hard on me.  Today was our birthday, after all.


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