staying grounded

We’re in a state of transition around here these days and it’s kind of making me crazy. Michael has finally wrapped up his master’s studies, and he’s waiting to start his new job.  Evelyn has started daycare and seems to be adjusting pretty well.   I fluctuate between picturing the worst case scenario and imagining all the fabulous possibilities for our future. I lose sleep thinking about them. I worry and I daydream…

…and then Evelyn says, “Mommy, I poop” and I’m right back in the moment. “Mommy change it.”

Oh, how she’s great at keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground and reminding me where my attention needs to be. Worrying and daydreaming are kind of pointless when there’s coloring to be done, books to be read, and snacks to be served.

She’s starting to develop her own sense of humor, laughing at things that she thinks are funny, rather than just laughing because we laugh.

Thank goodness she’s so stinking funny, because it’s hard to take things too seriously when the little person across the table from me is bathing herself in yogurt….or putting trash cans on her head…



What keeps you grounded?

One thought on “staying grounded

  1. Glad you remember the important things…..everything else will fall into place…it always does….Worrying steals your strength for today and does nothing for your tomorrow….Love you

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