a holiday state of mind


It’s really no surprise that the shops are playing Christmas music and that the Christmas trees made their holiday debut right next to the Halloween costumes.  There are always a handful of people who seem surprised that retailers are shoving Christmas down our throats so early, but I have to wonder if those people have been living under a rock.  Unfortunately, presents and the material trappings have become the focus of Christmas for many people and it’s been this way for years.

I’ve noticed on my facebook news feed that there seem to be two types of people who are commenting about the approach of Christmas.  There are those who are already humming Christmas tunes and donning their Christmas socks and there are those who are in denial that it will literally be here before we know it.

I like to think that I fall somewhere in the middle.  I love Christmas and I do get excited about the approach of the holidays, but I’m not really ready to start the party until after Thanksgiving.  One holiday at a time please.

So which type are you?  Do you love to see the candy canes hit the shelf or are you more of a scrooge?

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