10 songs I’ll listen to for the rest of my life


Ok, I ain’t gonna lie.  This posting every day thing is harder than I thought it would be…and I thought it would be hard.  Today I resorted to looking for prompts online.  Don’t judge me.

I generally hate prompts that ask you to write about your favorite anything.  Art, music, movies, food, books…I mean, really.  Who can choose a favorite?  I certainly can’t.  But 10…I can do 10.

I realized as I was choosing these songs, that the process became less about my favorites and more about the music that tells the story of my life.  Each of them take me to a different time and place and some of them represent people.

So, without further ado, the 10 songs I’ll listen to for the rest of my life:

1. You Are My Sunshine – one of the first songs I learned as a child, and I still love it.

2. Amazing Grace – this one speaks for itself. spiritual.

3.  Black Dog (Led Zeppelin) – skipping school and spending the day by the pool at my friend Kelly’s dad’s house.  Good times.

4. One (or any other U2 song) – see?  I can’t even pick a favorite U2 song.  This one takes me back to high school.

5.  Good Morning Heartache (Billie Holiday) – I was a weird teenager, listening to 1940s jazz tunes.

6.  Silent All These Years (Tori Amos) – ah, the college years.  the angry, man-hating college years.

7.  C’mon on Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners) – fun!

8.  Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerai (Francis Cabrel) – even if you don’t understand French, this is a beautiful song.  I never tire of it.

9.  Broken (Jack Johnson) – my love.

10.  Sweet Baby James (James Taylor) – this is Evelyn’s lullaby.  We have been singing it to her since she was a few days old.  Also, anything James Taylor reminds me of my mom.

Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be!  Ask me again tomorrow and you might get a different list.  Can you name 10?


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