enjoy life


This is something that I have always struggled with.  Waiting.  Waiting for the next big thing.  I think I’ve gotten better about enjoying the moment instead of waiting for better days ahead (or what I perceive as better days).

For the longest time, I was tied up in waiting for a baby.  And even after that grand miracle occurred, the one I had waited so long for, I still find myself waiting for the next thing.  It can be as simple as waiting for Friday, so I can finally put the work week behind me.

I think we, as humans, are never content.  Happiness has a shelf life.  Once I get comfortable in the spot I’m in, I get bored and I’m ready for something new and exciting.  Even though I’ve been able to find contentment in my life, I still have to remind myself to enjoy the here and now and recognize that life is too short to wish it away.

How do you enjoy life and stay content in the right now?

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