I don’t usually participate in the daily declarations of gratitude during the month of November.  I don’t know…it just seems overdone to me.  I don’t have a problem with the fact that people do them, but I have to admit that I usually skip right past them on my facebook news feed.  It seems to me that if you live in this country and you have the luxury of posting about your daily life on facebook, you probably have a lot to the thankful for and most of those things are going to be pretty similar from person to person.  But, I imagine people post their blessings more for themselves than for their audience and I can definitely get behind the idea of self-reflection and positive thinking.

It’s not that I’m not grateful for a million things.  I really, truly am.  I thank God for many things on a daily basis and I have recently begun to model this for Evelyn when we say our bedtime prayers.  We thank Him for each other, for our family and friends, for our health, for a safe place to live and food in our bellies.  We are truly blessed to have all of these things.

Thanksgiving has always been kind of a quiet holiday for me.  Well, actually, I have a pretty loud family, so it’s not that quiet, but it has always lacked the glitz and glamour of other holidays.  I like that about Thanksgiving.  It’s quiet but meaningful, simple but profound.  It’s warm and inviting, like a comfy sweater or a long hug.

This year, Evelyn and I will travel to be with my dad’s side of the family on Thanksgiving day because Michael has to work all day.  I don’t usually spend Thanksgiving with that part of my family, so it will be a welcome change, even though Michael won’t be with us.  I am grateful that he has a job, so we can make accommodations.  We will celebrate with my mom’s side of the family on Sunday with my most of my siblings and all my little nephews who just adore Evelyn, the “baby” (and only girl) of the bunch.  We will consume far too much food and probably nap.  Yes, there will be napping.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday.


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