scenes from the weekend

Though her birthday is a week away, we roused up a little party this weekend to celebrate Evelyn’s second year.  I have been notoriously bad at taking decent pictures when it really matters…like during special events.  I don’t know if I get caught up in the moment or what, but I forgot to take a picture of the cake I made, I barely remembered to get it on video, and all the pictures that would have been great are just a little too blurry.  Like this one.  This one is my favorite, but the stupid camera focused on the cake instead of my girl.  Oh well.  She wore this little grin on her face the whole night and it made my heart so happy to see it.  She just seemed to know it was all about her.


I admit, I decided to go with a boxed cake mix because I wanted to make it gluten-free and didn’t want to invest in all the individual ingredients needed to make it gluten-free.  I made my own frosting though and decorated it myself.  Everyone raved about it, so I guess it was good.  Evelyn sure liked it.




We tried to get a photo of all three of us, because there are so very few of them in existence.  I don’t think we have any picture of the three of us in which one of us is not looking away from the camera, has our eyes closed, or just looks silly, in general.  This is the best shot we were able to get and Michael looks like a bit of a creeper, don’t you think?  Well, you weren’t really expecting me to post an unflattering picture of myself, were you?



We got her this play kitchen for her birthday and her eyes lit up when she saw it.  It kept her and my 2 younger nephews occupied for more than a few milliseconds.


She also loves the play tent she got from my parents.  She even napped in it on Sunday afternoon.


Among all the activities of the weekend, we got quite a bit of wintry weather.  Fortunately, it didn’t interfere with my fun.  I woke up to snow on Saturday morning, but by the time I decided to venture out, the roads were clear.  The weekend came to a close with another shot of snow and icy rain.  Sunday afternoon by the fire was a great way to mentally prepare for the busy week ahead.


And a little bit of snowflake catching was fun too.


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