a quiet birthday

Evelyn’s birthday passed with very little fanfare yesterday, which is exactly how I wanted it.  Last weekend, we celebrated with all the balloons and glitter a 2 year old could want, but this weekend, on the day of her birth, we spent quiet moments together, watching the snow fall and indulging in the little cupcakes left over from her daycare celebration with friends.

I hope that I will always find some time on this day to look back and remember the day I became a mom, sharing stories with the people who were there and remembering those first moments when I held her and my heart filled with so much love I thought it might burst.

The past year has passed so quickly once again and she has changed even more drastically than during the first year, I think.  She is no longer a baby, but a little girl (or “big girl” as she would say), wanting to do everything by herself and having full conversations with us. This morning at breakfast she asked her dad, “Why did you take my bacon?”  and she followed me around all day, saying “Mommy, I want to give you a kiss” as she wrapped her arms around my legs.

I had intended to take her on a Polar Express train ride, but the snow storm outside kept us from traveling the 30 miles to board the train.  To be honest, I was kind of grateful to skip the train ride, stay in my PJs and have her all to myself while Michael worked.  We played with her toys, read books, ate popcorn, and watched Christmas specials on TV…nothing outstanding but exactly how I wanted to spend my day, remembering that big moment two years ago and savoring the little moments we share everyday.

December 14th (4)


December 14th (5)


December 14th (3)


Happy Birthday, precious girl. ❤


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