merry little christmas

I’m still kind of basking in the glow of our lovely little Christmas.  It was the prefect combination of loud, family chaos and quiet moments for just the three of us.

Normally, we would spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parents’ house, but this year, because of some logistical circumstances, we hosted the Christmas Eve gathering at our house.

I took Evelyn to daycare for a few hours on Christmas Eve so that I could run some errands and take care of some prep for the party.  My siblings started to arrive around 3:00 and what followed was about 6 hours of food, laughter, spirits, sarcasm, jokes about bodily functions, paper-tearing, mess-making, fireside fun.  My brother brought a vat of English Christmas punch.  Oh my, I will be making that every year from now on. It was a lot of fun watching Evelyn and my nephews tear open their gifts.  Evelyn wasn’t really into the ripping and shredding.  She would tear at the package in a few places and then hand it to me and say “Mommy, help.”

On Christmas morning, it was just the three of us, and I have to say, I actually enjoyed the quiet time.  We had breakfast, opened our gifts and just took our time, relaxing by the fire and sipping coffee, enjoying an album of Michael’s baby pictures that his mom had sent us.

Christmas Morning (5)

Christmas Morning (15)

We definitely have started to lay out some new traditions for our family.  On Christmas Eve, after everyone went home, Evelyn was in bed, and the mess had been mostly cleaned up, we flopped down exhausted on the couch.  Michael pulled out his Bible and read aloud Luke 2:1-21.  For the past several years, he has told me that this was a tradition in his family, but we never did it ourselves until now.  I also decided to buy Evelyn an ornament and will continue to do so every year until she is on her own and has her own Christmas tree.  Then she will have a collection of ornaments all ready to go.  This year I got her this Mickey Mouse ornament.  Michael grew up in Florida and used to work and play at Disney, so it seemed like a good idea.


I’m also really glad we stuck to the 3 gift rule.  Between aunts and uncles and grandparents, Evelyn got plenty of gifts and it wasn’t too overwhelming for her.  I saw so many pictures on facebook of trees with piles and piles of gifts underneath and it gave me anxiety just imagining trying to find a home for all those new toys.  We kept it simple and we are still going to have to do some cleaning out and rearranging of toys.

Christmas Morning (14)

On Christmas evening, we always go to my grandparents’ home, so we made the hour long trek like we usually do, packed some pajamas for Evelyn, and visited with my dad’s side of the family.  Evelyn fell asleep in the car just minutes before we arrived back home and I knew she would be no trouble going to bed when I put her in her crib and she said, “Turn off the lights, Mommy.”

Another Christmas come and gone.  This year was an excellent one.  How was your holiday?  Crazy or quiet?  Or maybe a little of both…

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