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When I was in my twenties, I thought I had it all figured out.  I spent quite a bit of time having fun, traveling, going to school, and basically enjoying myself.  I figured that by the time I turned 30, I would have a career, a husband, a home, and at least one child.  Instead, I ended up battling infertility, getting a divorce, and having to start back at square one.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life doesn’t always turn out the way you’d planned…sometimes it turns out better.  The road  is full of lots of little bumps and detours and sometimes it’s frustrating when we can’t get where we want to go as quickly as we’d like.  But I’m slowly learning to enjoy the scenery along the way, because eventually, if we have patience and faith, life has a way of getting us exactly where we need to be.

This blog is my little space to rant and ramble and share my failures and successes, but more specifically, I write about family life, infertility, pregnancy, activities for children, parenting, and healthy living…oh and I like to share a recipe here and there.  So, pull up a chair (I’ve always got coffee ’round here) and let’s chat.

I live in rural Pennsylvania, with my husband, Michael, our daughter, Evelyn, and three furbabies.  I work for an Early Childhood program and have been surrounded by young children most of my adult life.  I care about the planet (it’s our home) and I do what I feel is best and what works for my family.  I care about living a healthy lifestyle and teaching my daughter to live her life with compassion and love.  I love to cook, read, and create, and I dream of a day when I have time to do all three.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it and try out some of the recipes some time. Let me know how they turn out. BTW that chicken recipe you just posted looks scrumptious!

  2. I’ve recently switched my food blog over to be self-hosted which I hope will make it more user-friendly in the future. As a result, if you were following Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen via email, WordPress, or using RSS feeds through Google Reader or some other way, you are no longer subscribed. If you wish to continue receiving future posts from my blog you will need to re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience, Teresa.

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