best of fall 2013

I suppose we still have about a month of fall left, but since the holidays seem to be approaching so quickly, the leaves have all fallen, and the days are so much shorter now, it’s feeling more like winter to me.  So, it’s time to sift through the pictures in my Fall 2013 folder and pick out the best of the season.  I have to say, this fall was extremely busy for us and since I was on my own, it was a lot harder to get really great pictures.  Remembering to take pictures when you’re schlepping an almost two-year old around is quite a task.

Michael was out of town for 8 weeks this fall.  His first week away happened to fall on the day I scheduled Evelyn’s long-term EEG monitoring.  I haven’t really talked about that experience here, but I thought I’d share a few photos and maybe I’ll post more about it at a later time.  It definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it was something major that we went through this year.  Evelyn and I were trapped in a tiny hospital room for 4 days and she was hooked up to electrodes and wires during the entire stay.  There were moments during those few days that broke my heart and made me question myself as a mom.  It was an experience I hope to never have again.


On a happier note, one of our first outings in October was a trip to the Pumpkin Patch to go on a hayride, get lost in the corn maze, and choose a pumpkin from the field.

Pumpkin Patch (42)

Pumpkin Patch (30)

Pumpkin Patch (16)

Pumpkin Patch (6)


A few weeks later we carved our pumpkins on the weekend when Michael was home.  My nephew, Noah, was with us.  Evelyn could have spent hours playing in the bowl full of water with pumpkin seeds floating in it.

Pumpkin Carving (18)

Pumpkin Carving (12)

Pumpkin Carving (9)


A trip to the park on a cool fall day…

Belles Springs (11)

Belles Springs (4)


Later in October we went on a Fall Foliage train ride with some friends.  The 2 hour ride was a bit much for Evelyn, but we had fun overall.  We got to sit in a dining car and she and her friend, Maria, played, had snacks, and gazed out the window together.

Bellefonte Train Ride (15)

Bellefonte Train Ride (11)

Bellefonte Train Ride (4)


This is just a cute iPhone shot of Evelyn on one of our evening walks.



I’m kind of sad that this is one of the only pictures I got of Evelyn in her Halloween costume.  By the time she was dressed up, it was too dark outside for pictures.  She had a blast trick-or-treating.  We only visited a few close neighbors, but she loved walking all by herself and talking to people as we went door to door.  We trudged through the rain for about a half hour before Michael called and needed us to pick him up.  He got stranded along the interstate on his was home from training.




After 8 long weeks, Michael finally returned home from training for his new job.  I walked in the living room one evening to find them like this.  They have such a special bond.

daddy's home


More park play…

October 20 (49)

October 20 (4)

While we had a lot of fun, this fall was a little stressful for us.  I can honestly say I am glad to put it behind us and I am looking forward to what’s ahead…

shorter days, longer nights

Our shadows were long in the late afternoon, as we set out for a walk to the park.


Little Miss Independent didn’t need a stroller or backpack to go.  She wanted to get there “all by myself.”


Only a few golden leaves remained…


Our clocks have since been changed and our days of basking in the late afternoon sun have passed.




a little miscellany

Well, we managed to weather the storm and come through unscathed.  We had just a trickle of water in our basement and we lost power for approximately 8 hours.  I am so grateful that’s all that happened.  It could have been so much worse and my heart goes out to those who lost homes and loved ones.  It’s amazing how situations like this can make us realize how very blessed we are and how dependent we are on the everyday luxuries that shape life as we know it.  It actually scares me a little to think about how very dependent we are…that if we suddenly didn’t have electricity or running water, could we survive?  Conversely, I saw several of my facebook friends posting about how upset they were because they lost cable service.  Really?!  Don’t even get me started.  I had to really, really bite my tongue to resist responding with a preachy comment.

Keeping an eye out for the storm

It’s the end of the month.  That means it’s time to update Evelyn’s book on shutterfly.  I decided to create a baby book of her first year using the templates on shutterfly.  Each month I upload the best pictures I’ve taken of her and write a narrative of all the things we did as a family that month and all the milestones she reached.  I’ll end it with her first birthday and then order the book and have it sent to us.  I can’t believe how close we are to that one year mark.  Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from this month.  It’s always so hard to choose!

Trick or treating got postponed in our town because of the storm, so instead of handing out candy tonight, we’re on the couch with a glass of wine.  It actually worked out fine since Evelyn wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early.  The end of the month also means that I’ll be starting up the photo-a-day challenge again for the month of November.  You can follow along by liking my page on facebook or following a_scenic_detour on instagram.



Ok, just needed to take a deep breath before November is upon us.  I’ve got guests to entertain, parties to attend, parties to plan, family to visit, gifts to buy, work to accomplish, projects to start (and hopefully finish).  I’ve got a crazy two months ahead of me.  Here’s to getting through it with my sanity intact!

Oh, and before I forget…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

october love

So, in the course of one day (literally) the weather here went from this…

…to this…

Call me crazy, but I love the cool, crisp fall weather.  Fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month, so I am pretty much in heaven right now.  I love being outside on a cold, brisk day and then coming home to my warm house, a mug of coffee, and a cozy blanket (and having a super-cute baby to snuggle doesn’t hurt either).

Yesterday, we took our little pumpkin to the pumpkin patch.  I used to be a preschool teacher and I took my class to this farm every year.  The farmer took us on a hayride around the farm, and then the kids got to see all the farm animals and pick any pumpkin they wanted from the patch.  While I was teaching, I was also struggling with infertility, but having all these great experiences with the kids kinda sorta made up for not having children of my own to share them with.  I loved every minute of it…trips to the pumpkin patch, the swimming pool, the county fair, carving pumpkins, making gingerbread cookies, coloring Easter eggs, going to the park, riding bike…we did tons of fun stuff.  So, when I left the classroom to be a supervisor, all the excitement of the holidays and changing seasons kind of died for me.  I went through a few years of being pretty depressed during the holidays and other times that would have normally been a lot of fun.  So, this trip was really important to me.  Even though Evelyn is too young to remember it, this was just the first of many trips to come.  I was also pretty adamant that we go as a family.  When I suggested the trip to Michael, he responded by telling me that he would be taking her to the pumpkin patch with their playgroup.  And my response was, Oh, hell no.  I want to go too.

This brings me to a little bump in our road.  As you may already know, Michael is a stay-at-home dad.  This has been a huge struggle for me because I would much prefer to be at home with Evelyn, but this is just our life right now…like it or not.  Daddy gets to take her to playgroup and on outings and I have to work.  A few weeks ago, they went to an apple orchard.  I hate that I’m missing out of this stuff and there was no way she was going to the pumpkin patch for the first time without me.  So, off we went.  It was touch and go because we woke up to rain.  We had reserved our hayride for 11am and it didn’t seem promising that the rain would stop in time.  But stop it did and it was a cold, wet, blustery, gray, cloudy day, but I loved every second of it.  And I think Evelyn enjoyed herself too. 😉

We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The rest of the weekend flew by in a flash.  I spent the majority of my day today in the kitchen, roasting pumpkin and the seeds.  So I have a few precious hours left before it’s back to work for me.  Next weekend we’ll be taking Evelyn to her first parade…and October’s only just beginning…