our new normal

The dust seems to be settling and we are in the process of figuring out our new “normal.”  After 18 months of staying at home with Evelyn, Michael is back at work now and the past several months have been pretty tumultuous as we have had to figure out how everything works and fits together.  For his new job, Michael had to attend training out of town for 8 weeks.  So, Evelyn went from having her daddy around 24/7 to almost not at all.  He came home on weekends, but I think that she didn’t know how to feel or react.  She wanted nothing to do with him.  Then, when she finally started to warm up to him again, it was time for him to leave to go back to work.  The time that Michael was away was challenging for me.  Evelyn and I both got sick and I was suffering with severe sciatic pain for several weeks.  There were a few days when I came close to breaking down.

On top of all this, we started Evelyn in daycare.  We actually started her on a part-time basis for a few weeks to ease her into it before Michael had to leave.  It took some time, but she has adjusted well.  She talks about her friends and teachers all the time.

Now that Michael is back home and actually doing the job he’s been trained to do, things are settling down and we’re figuring out our new routines.  I can tell Evelyn is so happy that we are all together again.  She wanders around saying, mommy and daddy and Evelyn over and over.  I catch her whispering it to herself in the early morning hours when I am listening to her on the baby monitor.  It’s nice to have my love back at home.  He’s working 4 days and then gets 2 days off, so we’re sharing the household and parenting responsibilities once again.


I get a little nostalgic looking back on the time he spent at home with Evelyn.  Even though I got a little frustrated with the situation from time to time, I know it was a blessing for our family and I miss coming home to the two of them everyday.

But, I’m excited about where this new chapter of our lives might be taking us (more about that later) and I’m ready to take on whatever life has to throw at us!