holiday movie bucket list

This year I’m in the holiday mood a little early (though I’m still not ready for 24 hour Christmas music on the radio).  With Evelyn’s birthday quickly approaching and a million things to do at work, I know the next 6 weeks are going to fly, so I’m already thinking about when to decorate (next weekend) and what my weekends will look like throughout the holiday season.

I don’t have a big bucket list for the holidays like the ones I keep seeing on Pinterest.  I mainly want to just enjoy my daughter this year.  But I do have a list of movies that I have to watch to make my holidays complete.  Here they are, in no particular order…

The Holiday:  I don’t typically like sappy romantic comedies, but I love everything about this movie.  And two hours worth of Jude Law doesn’t hurt either.

While You Were Sleeping:  Ok, I’m not proud of this one.  Bill Pullman is not exactly a leading man to swoon over, but Sandra Bullock is charming and this one has just stuck with me.  But I’ll have to watch it when Michael’s not around because he just won’t tolerate it.

Love Actually:  Are you noticing a theme here?  I’m not sure why I’m so into the love stories around the holidays.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:  Now for a change of pace.  This is one that I absolutely cannot miss.  It never loses its funny and inspires a barrage of silly and inappropriate quotes from my family. It’s the perfect combination of stupid and hilarious.  There’s nothing like a little sarcasm and profanity for the holidays!  If you haven’t seen this, crawl out from under that rock and watch it. Now. I’ll wait.

A Christmas Story:  A classic.  Ok, so I know they play it endlessly (for 24 hours) on Christmas day, and it’s probably been a little over-exposed, but I love it anyway.  I first discovered this movie by accident.  I think my mom brought it home from the video store (remember those?) and I was expecting it to be some lame, random Christmas movie.  I never expected it to be so funny.  Watching this movie is tradition.

I know, I know.  There aren’t really any kid’s movies on this list.  Well, of course when Evelyn gets older we will watch all the classics like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas, but I haven’t really watched those since I was a kid and I will be watching them for many years to come, I’m sure.  So for now, I’ll stick to my favorites.  Which holiday movies make the top of your list?

october love

So, in the course of one day (literally) the weather here went from this…

…to this…

Call me crazy, but I love the cool, crisp fall weather.  Fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month, so I am pretty much in heaven right now.  I love being outside on a cold, brisk day and then coming home to my warm house, a mug of coffee, and a cozy blanket (and having a super-cute baby to snuggle doesn’t hurt either).

Yesterday, we took our little pumpkin to the pumpkin patch.  I used to be a preschool teacher and I took my class to this farm every year.  The farmer took us on a hayride around the farm, and then the kids got to see all the farm animals and pick any pumpkin they wanted from the patch.  While I was teaching, I was also struggling with infertility, but having all these great experiences with the kids kinda sorta made up for not having children of my own to share them with.  I loved every minute of it…trips to the pumpkin patch, the swimming pool, the county fair, carving pumpkins, making gingerbread cookies, coloring Easter eggs, going to the park, riding bike…we did tons of fun stuff.  So, when I left the classroom to be a supervisor, all the excitement of the holidays and changing seasons kind of died for me.  I went through a few years of being pretty depressed during the holidays and other times that would have normally been a lot of fun.  So, this trip was really important to me.  Even though Evelyn is too young to remember it, this was just the first of many trips to come.  I was also pretty adamant that we go as a family.  When I suggested the trip to Michael, he responded by telling me that he would be taking her to the pumpkin patch with their playgroup.  And my response was, Oh, hell no.  I want to go too.

This brings me to a little bump in our road.  As you may already know, Michael is a stay-at-home dad.  This has been a huge struggle for me because I would much prefer to be at home with Evelyn, but this is just our life right now…like it or not.  Daddy gets to take her to playgroup and on outings and I have to work.  A few weeks ago, they went to an apple orchard.  I hate that I’m missing out of this stuff and there was no way she was going to the pumpkin patch for the first time without me.  So, off we went.  It was touch and go because we woke up to rain.  We had reserved our hayride for 11am and it didn’t seem promising that the rain would stop in time.  But stop it did and it was a cold, wet, blustery, gray, cloudy day, but I loved every second of it.  And I think Evelyn enjoyed herself too. 😉

We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The rest of the weekend flew by in a flash.  I spent the majority of my day today in the kitchen, roasting pumpkin and the seeds.  So I have a few precious hours left before it’s back to work for me.  Next weekend we’ll be taking Evelyn to her first parade…and October’s only just beginning…