a little miscellany

Well, we managed to weather the storm and come through unscathed.  We had just a trickle of water in our basement and we lost power for approximately 8 hours.  I am so grateful that’s all that happened.  It could have been so much worse and my heart goes out to those who lost homes and loved ones.  It’s amazing how situations like this can make us realize how very blessed we are and how dependent we are on the everyday luxuries that shape life as we know it.  It actually scares me a little to think about how very dependent we are…that if we suddenly didn’t have electricity or running water, could we survive?  Conversely, I saw several of my facebook friends posting about how upset they were because they lost cable service.  Really?!  Don’t even get me started.  I had to really, really bite my tongue to resist responding with a preachy comment.

Keeping an eye out for the storm

It’s the end of the month.  That means it’s time to update Evelyn’s book on shutterfly.  I decided to create a baby book of her first year using the templates on shutterfly.  Each month I upload the best pictures I’ve taken of her and write a narrative of all the things we did as a family that month and all the milestones she reached.  I’ll end it with her first birthday and then order the book and have it sent to us.  I can’t believe how close we are to that one year mark.  Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from this month.  It’s always so hard to choose!

Trick or treating got postponed in our town because of the storm, so instead of handing out candy tonight, we’re on the couch with a glass of wine.  It actually worked out fine since Evelyn wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early.  The end of the month also means that I’ll be starting up the photo-a-day challenge again for the month of November.  You can follow along by liking my page on facebook or following a_scenic_detour on instagram.



Ok, just needed to take a deep breath before November is upon us.  I’ve got guests to entertain, parties to attend, parties to plan, family to visit, gifts to buy, work to accomplish, projects to start (and hopefully finish).  I’ve got a crazy two months ahead of me.  Here’s to getting through it with my sanity intact!

Oh, and before I forget…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

the calm before the storm

In the midst of our happy Halloween festivities this weekend, we received warning after warning about this:

Say hello to Sandy everyone, aka Frankenstorm and Stormageddon.  She’s apparently coming to stay with us for awhile.  Lovely Sandy is predicted to make landfall on the East Coast today and then steadily churn her way west, into my neighborhood, where she’s supposed to collide with a cold front coming in from the west and then just hang out for awhile, dumping large amounts of rain and ruffling our feathers with some pretty strong winds.

Yep, I live in the red “action” area.  Of course, what we will experience here will be pale in comparison to what folks will experience on the coast, so I won’t make light (too much) of what’s about to happen.  People will likely lose homes and other possessions and maybe even their lives (I hope not).  The local weather and emergency gurus are predicting heavy winds, lots of rain and possible long-term power outages.  They’re saying this could be worse weather than we’ve seen in 100 years.  So, we did spend a little time this weekend preparing for what may come.  I’m anticipating that we will get some water in our basement and could be without electricity for a week to 10 days (according to alerts from the power companies).  We’re not used to preparing for major weather emergencies around here, but here’s what we did to get ready:

  1. Purchased some extra flashlights, batteries, and candles.
  2. Purchased some ready to eat meals for Evelyn, along with extra formula and disposable diapers.
  3. Washed all the cloth diapers.  I certainly don’t want some dirty diapers stinking up the place for several days if we can’t do laundry.
  4. Washed all the laundry and dishes.
  5. Gassed up the vehicles.
  6. Purchased plenty of bottled water.
  7. Put all the patio furniture into storage and put any loose items up against the house.
  8. Took stock of our pantry to make sure we had enough food for a few days.
  9. Vacuumed the house.  Several day’s worth of dog hair build up could be enough to drive me mad.
  10. Charged up the cell phones.
  11. Bought a box of wine. 🙂

This morning Michael and I joked about what we would do if we couldn’t have coffee for a few days.  “Don’t even talk about such a tragedy,” was his response.  The office closed early today, so I’m at home now and there’s nothing left to do but wait and pray for the best.  Stay safe East Coast friends!