makeup simplified

I used to have quite an addiction to cosmetics and beauty products.  I’ve collected tons of it, but I’ve realized that I only use about 5-6 items consistently.  So, today it was time to purge.  I thought it would be harder than it was, but I basically just picked out the things I use on a daily basis (and a few lip colors that I actually like) and I just dumped the rest in the trash.  Most of the items were eye and lip colors that I didn’t like once I had brought them home and tried them on.  Ugh…it’s kind of sad to think about how much money I have wasted on colors that didn’t look right on me.  But, since I’ve experimented with so many, I know what works now so I just have to stick with those and avoid the temptation of new products.  Here is what my makeup drawer looked like before the purge.  I could barely open and close the drawer.

makeup before

And here it what it looked like when I finished.  It feels good to get rid of things that are weighing me down.  I’ve narrowed it down to 3 eye color palettes, a mascara, mineral powder foundation, one eyeliner, and a small variety of lip colors.

makeup after


Hmm…now that I’ve downsized my makeup drawer, what can I purge next?