42 days until spring (but who’s counting?)

Every night of this new year, I have sat down to my computer, telling myself to write.  Then I end up mindlessly passing my time on Pinterest.  It’s the time of year for dreaming.  Dreaming of warmth, dreaming of color, dreaming of sunshine.  Dreaming of anything but this.

The winter doldrums have officially set in.  We’re living our lives on repeat these days.  Wake up, wrangle a toddler, go to work, wrangle a toddler again, make/eat dinner, clean up, wrangle a toddler into bed, Pinterest, sleep.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

My mind is filled with ideas of projects I’d like to start and new recipes to try.  I just need to find a little motivation to move out from under my blanket.  The weather here has been paralyzingly cold.  Too cold to even take my little one outside to play.  The natives are restless ’round here.

But this past weekend, while Michael was out of town and Evelyn was with my parents, I found a spark of motivation and started some projects around the house.  And today, we finally got to have a snow day.  I mean, one where we could actually to outside and play.  While many of my friends and acquaintances have been complaining about the winter storm coming our way, I have actually been looking forward to it.  Like I said, until recently, it’s been too cold to go outside, and I’ve been hiding in the house instead of going out to run errands or spend time with friends.  So today, fun in the snow and all-day pajamas.  No work, no daycare, no travel.  Just some frolicking with my girl in the snow.  When she woke up this morning I took her straight to the window to see the snow.  Ah, one of the things I love about having a toddler is seeing the look of wonder in her eyes over the simplest things.  “We can play outside!” she said.  Yes we can.  “And we can build a great, big snowball!”

It took a little time to get the two of us all bundled up, but we finally made our way out into the snow.  I love a good snow.  It brings all the neighbors out with their shovels and snow blowers, helping each other dig out and making conversation, a welcome change from the quick dash from the house to the car and back again.  Evelyn even got to play for awhile with the little boy next door, who we saw almost daily in the summer, but haven’t seen for a few months now.  It was pretty funny to watch them try to trudge through the deep snow to get to each other.

Feb 5


When the rain started to come down and Moxie’s fur started to get crusted with snow, we headed inside for some mommy-daughter hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Feb 5 (2)

Being pent up in the house has also inspired me to start some pre-spring cleaning and organizing.  I spent this past weekend cleaning out, rearranging, and making piles for trash and donation.  I get bored easily and need to rearrange my space.  That includes this blog.  I have a hard time keeping things the same, so in addition to rearranging the space in my house, I also spent some time working on the blog.  Even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes kind of stuff…testing out new themes, working on a new header, categorizing all my posts.  Hopefully, making it a lot more user-friendly.  What do you think?

If I can keep this new found motivation going, maybe I can have all my indoor projects finished so that I can start working on the yard and patio as soon as the weather breaks.  Six more weeks of winter, folks.  We can stumble through!