This little lovely is giving me a run for my money.  She’s learned the word “no”.  True, it sounds more like “nah,” but the meaning is the same.  I thought that was supposed to come a bit later in her development, but this kid knows what she wants (and doesn’t want) and is now capable of telling me so.  Reading books and looking at family photos in this chair is part of our nighttime routine.  Tonight she crawled up there all by herself.  When it was time to go to sleep, I put the lights out and put on some music.  She listened and sucked her thumb while I rocked her, but several songs later, her eyes were still wide open, looking at me.  Sometimes she responds better to my singing, so I turned off the music and started to sing.  Still, her eyes remained open.  I tried putting her in the crib, taking her back out, more music, and then finally we had a little conversation that went something like this:

Me:  Do you want me to sing to you again?  Should I sing Awa? (one of our special songs)

Evelyn: Awa

Me: (Singing) Awa, awa, awa….

Evelyn: Nah!!

Me:  Ok, what about Jesus Loves Me?  (singing) Jesus loves me, this I know….

Evelyn:  Nah!!

Me:  Sweet Baby James?  (singing) Oh, there is a young cowboy…

Evelyn:  Nah!!

Me:  What about Somewhere Over the Rainbow?  (singing) Some-where….

Evelyn:  Nah!!

Eventually, I did get her to sleep with a little milk, a little help from daddy and his no-fail playlist, but man, I had no idea a kid this age could be so choosy.  I can’t even imagine what the teenage years will be like.

After tonight, I’m definitely working on teaching her how to say “yes.”