Back to School

Nope, this pic is not me, though it looks like it could be!

Well, not really. I have to take an online course this semester for work. Since my degree is in Elementary Education, I need to have Early Childhood credits. I guess I can’t complain since work is paying my tuition, though I still had to shell out 75 bucks for the book. What a ripoff! I mean, I always knew textbooks were ridiculously overpriced and therefore a ripoff, but, well, this has just been a harsh reminder. I guess I don’t mind taking the class. I’m learning how to plan and administer early childhood programs, which is essentially what Michael and I do everyday and talk about endlessly in our spare time. It’s online, so I don’t have to show my face in a classroom. Bonus! So far, so good. It’s been nothing mind-bending or anything. I was a little surprised when I looked at the enrichment reading assignment. Just your typical read-this-and-write-a-one-page-paper kind of assignment. Now, mind you, this is a reading assignment that is supplemental to the weekly chapter that I have to read and summarize. So I was thinking it would be a 2-3 page article from a professional journal or something of the like. No, not that at all. 57 pages. That’s right, fifty-seven. Read 57 pages and then type a one page paper. And while you’re at it, read them on the computer screen, so your eyes can burn out of your skull. Supplemental my ass.

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